SAMPLE 007: Interview with Joseph Tyler Gayheart, May 28, 2010

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries


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00:00:44 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Where were you born and where did you grow up?

Segment Synopsis: Gayheart discusses childhood and family life in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Keywords: Childhood and family background, high school,

Subjects: Childhood; Frankfort (Ky.); family life

00:04:02 - The Commitment

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Partial Transcript: I had friends in so many different circles. Some going to college

Segment Synopsis: Considering a college education in high school and deciding to make the commitment to enter into the military. Discusses interaction with the recruiter and the decision to enter into the Marines. Recalls preparation leading up to signing the paperwork.

Keywords: College, Enlistment; Marine Corps; Recruiter; USMC

Subjects: Education; Higher education; Marines

00:18:53 - 9/11

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Partial Transcript: What were you doing on Septermber 11, when the attacks happened inside the United States?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses personal impact of September 11 attacks in New York City.

Keywords: September 11, 2001; Terrorism; World Trade Center; personal impact

Subjects: New York (N.Y.)

00:23:34 - Bootcamp

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Partial Transcript: I remember my trip to Parris Island more than I remember my deployment to Afghanistan

Segment Synopsis: Details of bootcamp experience, travel to South Carolina, First impressions; drill sergeants; instructors. Describes the initial experience as "chaotic."

Keywords: Bootcamp, Parris Island; South Carolina

Subjects: Marines

00:39:48 - Training and Specialization

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Partial Transcript: After bootcamp, everybody goes to their specialties. What was your specialty

Segment Synopsis: Discusses specialization in electronic communications, field radio operations and satellite communications.

Keywords: Electronic communications; specialization

00:46:36 - Training and Specialization: Hawaii

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Partial Transcript: So I actually got to know this guy, and he was a really good guy. And Hawaii was, I remember getting there, being on the car taking me to bus

Segment Synopsis: Discusses additional training in Hawaii, "Pump" or six month deployments to Indonesia, Okinawa. Was not deployed to Afghanistan until three years into the Marines.

Keywords: 1st Battalion 12th Marines; Artillery Battery; Hawaii; Indonesia; Liaison Unit; Okinawa; training, friendships, Marine Corps

Subjects: Hawaii; Indonesia; Okinawa Island (Japan)

00:52:32 - Deployment to Afghanistan

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Partial Transcript: You finally get called and told you are going to Afghanistan, what was going through your head when you hung up the phone?

Segment Synopsis: Describes getting the call about his deployment to Afghanistan and revealing the news to his parents.

Keywords: Asadabad, Afghanistan; Deployment; Forward Operating Base (FOB); Kunar Province

Subjects: Afgan War 2001-; Afghanistan

01:00:49 - Afghanistan

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Partial Transcript: So, when you first got to Afghanistan, what were your first impressions?

Segment Synopsis: Describes first impressions of Afghanistan in his first week. Talks about how he had read much about the Soviets in Afghanistan and his awareness of tactics used in that war in the present day.

Keywords: Afghanistan; Asadabad, Afghanistan; Forward Operating Base; Forward Operating Base (FOB); Kabul; Kunar Province; Taliban

Subjects: Kunar (Afghanistan : Province)

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Map Coordinates: 34.874167, 71.152778
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01:10:34 - Convoys in Afghanistan

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Partial Transcript: Being on the road in Afghanistan was the most nervewracking thing I have ever experience in my life

Segment Synopsis: Describes convoys and danger and fear involved during those missions.

Keywords: convoy; danger; transport

Subjects: Afghanistan

01:30:52 - Guerilla Warfare

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Partial Transcript: Even when you are in the hills

Segment Synopsis: Gayheart describes tactics utilized by the Taliban in the morning.

Keywords: high value targets, Taliban

Subjects: Afghanistan

01:42:20 - Intelligence reports and working with Afghanis

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Partial Transcript: We would get these intel reports that its "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah," these different frequencies and we would all enter these into our ECMs in our trucks. And these frequencies were, in a sense, going to save our lives.

Segment Synopsis: Gayheart describes his interactions with local Afghan citizens at the base in A and having difficulties trusting them.

Keywords: fear; interpretors; translators; trucks; trust

Subjects: Afgan War 2001-

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Map Coordinates: 34.874167, 71.152778
01:47:15 - Education

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Partial Transcript: I had always made my education a priority in the Marine Corps

Segment Synopsis: Gayheart talks about taking classes and enriching his education while in the Marine Corps. Describes studying in between missions on base and the discipline necessary to complete the courses. Applies the Marine Corps concept of "Mission Ready" to his studies. Describes as "combat student."

Keywords: correspondence; distance education; studying

Subjects: Education

01:51:39 - Transition, Employment and Education

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Partial Transcript: When I got out, I had planned for months, I had learned about this program that the United States Postal Service was doing in Louisivlle

Segment Synopsis: Describes taking his first job after leaving the Marine Corps working for the U.S. Postal Service balancing working third shift and continuing his studies.

Subjects: Employment--Kentucky; Louisville (Ky.)

01:54:11 - Transition Home

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Partial Transcript: I kinda of kept my experiences to myself

Segment Synopsis: a;sldkfjas;df

Keywords: transition, education, civilian, home

Subjects: Veterans--Education (Higher)--Kentucky

01:54:16 - Civilians

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Partial Transcript: There would be times where someone would ask me,

Segment Synopsis: Describes difficulties during his transition talking to "civilians" about his experiences

Keywords: civilian; conversation; transition

Subjects: Veterans

01:56:54 - Working with Veterans at University of Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: I want to finish my graduate work

Segment Synopsis: Gayheart talks about working with veterans at the University of Kentucky and helping to improves services for veterans. Working with the student veterans organization. Expresses interest in a career in higher education administration.

Keywords: Transition; education; faculty; higher education; veterans

Subjects: Students; Veterans--Education (Higher)--Kentucky