Interview with Lee R. Gordon, March 15, 2023

Moore Memorial Public Library Oral History Repository
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00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:48 - Gordon's introduction

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Keywords: Annie Gordon; Robert Gordon

Subjects: Sharecroppers

00:01:14 - Family moves to Texas City for productive employment

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Keywords: Ford, Bacon & Davis

Subjects: African Americans--Employment; Sharecroppers

00:03:09 - Siblings

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Keywords: Agnes Gordon; Alfonso Matthews; Christine Gordon; Robert Gordon, Jr.; Siblings

Subjects: African Americans--Families; Agent Orange; Asbestos; Camp Lejeune (N.C.); Cancer; Diabetes; Vietnam War, 1961-1975.

00:06:31 - Family's economic circumstances

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Keywords: Agnes Gordon; John Sealy Hospital

Subjects: African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Employment

00:07:43 - Contributing to the family's income and earning some spending money as a child

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Keywords: Fifth Avenue Hotel; Swimming pool; The Projects; Town and Country Grill; Weingarten's

Subjects: African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Housing

00:10:30 - Extended family 00:12:03 - Grandparents 00:12:45 - Picking cotton with the family out-of-town

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Keywords: Champy

Subjects: African Americans--Employment; Cotton picking--Texas; Stafford (Tex.)

00:15:09 - Marriages and children 00:20:17 - Childhood residences

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Keywords: Graveyard; Haunted; Ninth Street North; Sixth Avenue North

00:26:41 - Living in "The Projects" known as Grand Camp

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Keywords: Grand Camp; The Projects

Subjects: African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Housing

00:28:23 - Racial and economic composition of the the neighborhood

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Subjects: African Americans--Economic conditions

00:28:40 - Neighborhood activities

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Keywords: Head injury; Sandlot football; Swimming pool; The Projects

Subjects: African Americans--Recreation; Basketball; Head--Wounds and injuries

00:32:25 - Attending Booker T. Washington

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Keywords: Alfred King; Booker T. Washington School; Reading

Subjects: African Americans--Education--Texas

00:33:25 - After high school: jobs and military

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Keywords: Prairie View A&M College; Robert Gordon; Vietnam War

Subjects: African Americans--Education (Higher); African Americans--Military service; Basketball; Learning and scholarship; Vietnam War, 1961-1975

00:36:07 - Favorite teacher 00:37:19 - Favorite class 00:39:57 - After school activities 00:42:01 - College and careers

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Subjects: African Americans--Education (Higher)

00:44:16 - Childhood friends and activities 00:48:43 - Joining the military 00:52:40 - Going to the movie theaters in Texas City

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Keywords: Drive-in theater; Movies; Superman; Tarzan; The Showboat; Tradewind Theater

Subjects: African Americans--Recreation; Motion picture

00:55:00 - Church and its influence in the community

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Keywords: Barbour's Chapel Church; Durgan's; Sixth Street; Sunday school; Texas Avenue; Wessey Mae's

Subjects: African Americans--Religion; African Americans--Social networks

01:01:57 - Influential pastor

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Keywords: Rev. Scott

Subjects: African Americans--Religion; Clergy

01:02:39 - The BYPU

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Keywords: BYPU; Sports

Subjects: African Americans--Religion; African Americans--Social networks; Baptist Young Peoples Union

01:06:01 - Family transportation

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Keywords: Cab; Chevrolet

Subjects: Transportation

01:11:51 - First television 01:12:57 - Shopping in Texas City 01:14:26 - Family mealtimes

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Keywords: Miss Clara's; Pic & Pay; Pick & Pack

Subjects: African Americans--Families; African Americans--Food

01:18:06 - Neighborhood safety 01:18:56 - The 1947 Texas City Disaster

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Keywords: Disaster; Explosion

Subjects: Texas City (Tex )--Explosion, 1947

01:20:10 - 1961 Hurricane Carla

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Keywords: Barrels; Hurricane; Oil drums; Snakes; The Projects

Subjects: Hurricane Carla, 1961

01:22:46 - Voting 01:23:14 - The civil rights movement in Texas City

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Keywords: Counter; Cunningham; Johnnie Henderson; Rainbow Cafe; Sit-in; Sixth Street; The Showboat

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights--Texas; African Americans--Segregation; Non-Violent Protest; Voting

01:26:12 - The NAACP

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Keywords: Churches; NAACP

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights--Texas; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Parks, Rosa, 1913-2005.

01:27:45 - Martin Luther King, Jr.'s death

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Subjects: African Americans--Military service; King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968--Assassination; Vietnam War, 1961-1975

01:28:56 - Final thoughts 01:30:30 - Conclusion