Interview with Bernia Hall, July 19, 2022

Moore Memorial Public Library Oral History Repository
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00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:56 - Birth and moving to Texas City

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Keywords: John Sealy Hospital; La Marque Independent School District; South Cobb Street

Subjects: African Americans--Housing; Galveston (Tex.); La Marque (Tex.); Texas City (Tex.)

GPS: Bernia Hall's neighborhood.
Map Coordinates: 29.38287, -94.98683
00:03:24 - Parents and job opportunities

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Keywords: Chemical Plants; Rufus Gordon; Wilchie Gray; Wilma Polk

Subjects: African Americans--Employment

00:06:28 - Having twin sisters

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Keywords: John Sealy Hospital; Sandra Gray; Vondra Gray

Subjects: African Americans--Families

00:08:30 - The responsibilities of being the eldest child 00:10:38 - The family's economic circumstances

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Keywords: Gardening; Labor strikes; Longshoreman; Rural living

Subjects: African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Food

00:15:59 - Extended family 00:19:06 - Grandparents

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Keywords: Agricultural labor; Cotton; Mary Polk; Plantations; Robert Polk; Slavery

Subjects: African Americans--Employment; African Americans--Families; Cotton picking--Texas

00:30:54 - The racial and economic composition of the neighborhood

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Keywords: Catholic Church; Creole; Cultural exchange

Subjects: African American neighborhoods; African American neighborhoods--Economic aspects; African Americans--Food

00:33:15 - Socializing in the neighborhood and baseball

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Keywords: BBQ; Dick Crawford; Teenage Place

Subjects: Aaron, Hank, 1934-2021; African Americans--Recreation; African Americans--Sports; Baseball; Campanella, Roy, 1921-1993; Negro baseball league; Robinson, Jackie, 1919-1972

00:41:11 - Attending church

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Keywords: Rev. D. N. Benford; Rising Star Baptist Church; West Point Baptist Church

Subjects: African Americans--Texas--Religion

00:50:41 - The church in the community

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Keywords: Gospel Music; Mahalia Jackson; Mattie Moss Clark; Music lessons; Picnics; Plays; Sam Cooke; Shirley Caesar; Sunday School; Vacation Bible School

Subjects: African Americans--Segregation; African Americans--Texas--Religion

00:57:42 - Reverend D. N. Benford's impact on the community

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Keywords: Rev. D. N. Benford

Subjects: African Americans--Texas--Religion

00:58:59 - Converting to Catholicism 01:04:12 - Attending school

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Keywords: Annie Hogue; Broadway Productions; Choir; Dr. Drake; Florence Swanson; Lake Road Elementary School; Lincoln High School; Mr. Moore; University of Texas; Woodland Elementary School

Subjects: African Americans--Education (Higher); African Americans--Education--Texas; Contemporary music; Jazz

01:08:40 - Walking to school and after school hang-outs

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Keywords: Bus; Jack's cookies; Jackie Williams; Jukebox; Lake Road Elementary School

Subjects: King, Ben E.

01:11:43 - Favorite subjects in school

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Keywords: English; Science; Social Studies

Subjects: African Americans--Education--Texas

01:13:04 - Influential teachers

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Keywords: English; Grammar; Martha Ann Henry; Reading

Subjects: African Americans--Education--Texas

01:17:05 - School sports 01:18:20 - College aspirations

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Keywords: Bachelor's degree; Business administration; College; North Texas State University; Student loan

Subjects: African Americans--Education (Higher); Dialysis; Nursing

01:23:32 - Childhood friends 01:25:29 - Weekend fun growing up

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Keywords: Bayou Drive-in Theater; Sock hops

Subjects: Motion pictures

01:27:58 - Family cars and learning how to drive

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Keywords: Driver's education; International truck; Taxi

01:30:44 - Neighborhood safety 01:35:15 - Hurricanes: 1961 Carla and 1983 Alicia

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Keywords: Disaster; Flood; Roof; Snakes

Subjects: Hurricane Alicia, 1983; Hurricane Carla, 1961

01:39:16 - Healthcare in Texas City

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Keywords: Beeler-Manske Clinic; John Sealy Hospital

Subjects: African Americans--Hospital care

01:42:26 - Shopping in Texas City

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Keywords: Bogatto's; CP Evans; Piggly Wiggly

Subjects: Shopping

01:43:43 - Family mealtime

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Keywords: Chores; Garden; Holidays; Television; Vegetables

Subjects: African Americans--Food

01:50:22 - Being African American in Texas City during the civil rights era

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Keywords: For Whites Only

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights--Texas; African Americans--Segregation; Discrimination; School integration

01:53:19 - School integration and protest marches

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Keywords: Academics; Business aministration; Delta Sigma; Demonstrations; Honor Society; Inequality; Marches; Non-violent protest; North Texas State University; Phi Chi Theta; Protests; Sorority; Student council; University of Texas

Subjects: African American educators; African Americans--Civil rights--Texas; African Americans--Education (Higher); African Americans--Education--Texas; Football; School integration

02:00:25 - Voting 02:01:11 - Community leaders during the civil rights movement

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Keywords: Claude Murphy; ILA-International Longshoremen Assc.; Johnnie Henderson; Rev. D. N. Benford; Robert Hoskins; Roosevelt Henderson; Wayne Johnson

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights--Texas; African Americans--Political activity; Civil rights movement.; Labor unions; Voting

02:03:50 - The NAACP in Texas City

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Keywords: Oscar Woods

Subjects: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

02:04:34 - Martin Luther King, Jr.'s death

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Keywords: Assassination

Subjects: Civil rights; King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968.

02:07:33 - Final thoughts 02:14:16 - Conclusion