Interview with Betty Adams Jones, March 9, 2022

Moore Memorial Public Library Oral History Repository
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00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:55 - Birth and family

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Keywords: Grace Marie Adams; Grandfather; Irene Harris Adams; Marie Adams; Siblings; St. Mary's Hospital; Wise Adams

Subjects: Galveston (Tex.); Montgomery (Tex.)

00:03:28 - Family's economic circumstances

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Keywords: Beans; Beautician; Chicken; Rice

Subjects: African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Food; Barbers; Beauty operators

00:04:30 - Extended family

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Keywords: Joseph Harris; Marcella Pleasant; Momma Tuck

Subjects: Adoption.

00:06:56 - Childhood homes in Texas City 00:07:48 - The racial composition of the community

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Keywords: Texas Avenue

Subjects: African American neighborhoods

00:08:17 - Celebrations and gatherings in the community

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Keywords: 4th of July; Dances; Sanders Center; Swimming pool

Subjects: Holidays; Juneteenth

00:09:30 - Going to the movie theater during segregation

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Keywords: Movies; Psycho

Subjects: African Americans-Segregation; Motion Pictures

00:10:03 - Community churches and their influence 00:11:00 - Influential pastor and the BYTU

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Keywords: BYPU; Churches; Pastor Reynolds; Sunday School

Subjects: Baptists' Young People's Union

00:13:25 - Attending school in the first integrated class in Texas City

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Keywords: 10th Grade; Booker T. Washington School; Fights; Heckle; Texas City High School

Subjects: African Americans--Education--Texas; School Integration

00:15:54 - After school activities

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Keywords: Dances; Parades; Parties; Pep Squad

Subjects: African Americans--Recreation

00:18:15 - The Texas City High School Machine Club

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Keywords: Machine Club

Subjects: School Field Trips

00:19:20 - Attending college out of state

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Keywords: Friends

Subjects: African Americans--Education (Higher); Dormitory life; Portland (Or.)

00:21:05 - Employment, marriage, and returning to Texas City

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Keywords: McCann Anderson; Myrla Turner; Southwestern Bell

Subjects: African Americans--Employment

00:22:25 - Childhood friendships 00:24:38 - Weekend entertainment: TV and movie theaters

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Keywords: Bayou Drive-in; Disney movie; Tradewind Drive-in

Subjects: Entertainment; Motion Pictures; Television

00:25:37 - Segregated restaurants

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Keywords: Cleveland's BBQ; Mr. Craddock; Wise's Barber Shop

Subjects: Restaurants

00:27:01 - Family transportation and learning to drive

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Keywords: Mercury; Oldsmobile; Shade tree mechanic

Subjects: Driving; Mechanic; Transportation

00:28:10 - News, radio, and favorite TV shows 00:29:04 - Neighborhood safety

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Keywords: Disasters; Safety; Sam Houston Coliseum

Subjects: Hurricane Carla, 1961

00:29:27 - 1961 Hurricane Carla and other disasters

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Keywords: Disasters; Explosion; Houston Coliseum

Subjects: Hurricane Carla, 1961

00:31:09 - Healthcare in Texas City

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Keywords: Black bag; Dr. Leonard Twidwell; House calls; Mainland Center Hospital; Medicine

Subjects: African Americans--Hospital care

00:32:45 - Shopping in Texas City

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Keywords: Apparel; Big Chief; J.C. Penny; Pick & Pack; Weiner's

00:33:58 - Holidays and family mealtime

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Keywords: Family discussions; Family meals; Politics

Subjects: Holidays

00:34:59 - Being African American in Texas City during the civil rights movement

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Keywords: Agee's; Summer school; Texas City High School; Weingarten's

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights--Texas; African Americans--Education--Texas; Civil rights movement; English; School integration

00:39:42 - Voting and the poll tax

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Subjects: African Americans--Political activity; Poll tax--Texas; Voting

00:40:50 - Father's (Wise Adam) contribution to the improvement of the community

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Keywords: Street curbs

Subjects: African Americans--Political activity

00:41:27 - Influential leaders in the community 00:42:21 - The NAACP

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Keywords: NAACP

Subjects: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

00:42:47 - Heroines of Jericho

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Keywords: Heroines of Jericho; Order of the Eastern Star

00:44:01 - Martin Luther King, Jr.'s death

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Subjects: King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968.; Racism against Black people--United States--History--20th century.

00:44:52 - Final thoughts 00:45:14 - Conclusion