Interview with Daisy Belle Buster, November 10, 2021

Moore Memorial Public Library Oral History Repository
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00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:49 - Buster introduces herself and discusses her birth and family

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Keywords: Elnora Swan; Oliver Swan; Siblings

Subjects: African Americans--Families

00:02:07 - Family's economic circumstances and employment

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Keywords: Clarence Stoneburner; Clarence Swan; Mason; Preacher; R. M. Orth; Roy Campbell; Roy Swan; Wharf

Subjects: African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Employment; African Americans--Families

00:03:54 - Extended family

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Keywords: Dora Williams Adams

Subjects: African Americans--Families

00:06:08 - Home and neighborhood

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Keywords: Chemical plants; Fourth Avenue South; Second Avenue South; Third Avenue South

Subjects: Texas City (Tex. )--Explosion, 1947

GPS: Daisy Buster's Neighborhood.
Map Coordinates: 29.380, -94.902
00:09:59 - Recreation in the neighborhood

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Keywords: Park; Sanders Center; Swimming pool; Wisby's Ice Cream Parlor

Subjects: African Americans--Recreation

00:10:41 - Holidays and family traditions

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Keywords: Bible stories

Subjects: African Americans--Food; Holidays; Juneteenth

00:12:12 - Church and the importance of Religion

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Keywords: BYPU; Eight Street; Galilee Methodist Church; Mr. Fuller; Mr. Henry; Second Avenue South

Subjects: African Americans--Religion; Baptist Young People's Union; Clergy

00:15:38 - Influential pastors

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Keywords: Barbour's Chapel Church; Methodist Church; Rev. Johnson; Rev. Perryman; Rev. R. J. Scott

Subjects: African Americans--Religion; Clergy

00:16:58 - First job babysitting for O.R. Snarr Family

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Keywords: Babysitting; O. R. Snarr

Subjects: Employment.

00:17:33 - Church programs and the Baptist Young People's Union

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Keywords: BYTU; Baptist Youth Training Union

Subjects: African Americans--Religion

00:19:30 - Booker T. Washington and school activities

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Keywords: Aurilla Beavers; Booker T. Washington School; Boxing; Calvin Vincent; Ethel B. Vincent; Iverson Godfrey; Miss McClure; Mr. Worsham; Second Avenue South; Sports; Thomas S. Carter

Subjects: African Americans--Education--Texas

00:25:26 - Singing with the Glee Club

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Keywords: Band; Choir; Glee Club; Jesse James McFarland; Sam Pickwicks Cafe; Texas Avenue

Subjects: African Americans--Education--Texas; African Americans--Segregation

00:27:13 - Booker T. Washington's influential teachers

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Keywords: Aurilla Beavers; Coach; English; Iverson Godfrey; Thomas S. Carter

Subjects: African Americans--Education--Texas

00:28:06 - Post high school aspirations and career paths

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Keywords: Amoco; Chemical plants; College of the Mainland; Galveston County Memorial Hospital; Huston-Tilloston College; John Sealy Hospital; Nursing; Nursing homes; Scholarship

Subjects: African Americans--Education (Higher); African Americans--Employment; Texas City (Tex.)

00:32:30 - Social activities in the age of segregation

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Keywords: Counter; Johnnie Henderson; Nessler Center; Pic & Pay; Pick & Pack; Sit-in; Texas Avenue; Texas Theater; Weingarten's

Subjects: African Americans--Recreation; African Americans--Segregation; Tennis; Texas City (Tex. )--Explosion, 1947

00:35:45 - Childhood friends

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Keywords: Barbara Caldwell; Bobbie Hawkins; Park; The Dike; Thelma Hawkins; Wisby's Ice Cream Parlor

00:36:57 - Boxing with her brothers and Swan sibling dynamics

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Keywords: Park; Rose Swan; Sanders Center; Sports; Thomas Swan

Subjects: Boxing

00:39:27 - Public entertainment and dining

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Keywords: Agee's; Movies; Sam Pickwick's Cafe; Sixth Street; Terrace Drive-In; Texas Theater; The Showboat; Weingarten's

Subjects: African Americans--Recreation; African Americans--Segregation; Motion Pictures

00:41:34 - Transportation 00:42:16 - Love of outdoor sports 00:43:39 - Learning to drive

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Keywords: "Blues"; Sixth Street; Srpy's; The "dump"; Thomas Swan

00:45:37 - Coming into the world

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Keywords: Dr. Leonard Twidwell

Subjects: African Americans--Hospital care

00:46:24 - News, radios and televisions

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Keywords: Mr. Busbee's; Radio

Subjects: Television

00:47:26 - "We never did lock our doors." 00:47:55 - 1947 Texas City Disaster and living at Camp Wallace

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Keywords: Camp Wallace; Dave Milton; Dickinson School; Edward Swan; Elnora Swan; Explosion; Fire; Gerrie Swan; Oliver Swan; Rose Swan; Sixth Street; Third Avenue

Subjects: Texas City (Tex )--Explosion, 1947

00:53:45 - Hurricane Carla in 1961

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Keywords: Dave's Pawn Shop; Flood; Gwendolyn; John Sealy Hospital; Mainland Company; Pregnancy; R. M. Orth; Rubinsteins; Texas Avenue; The Dike

Subjects: Hurricane Carla, 1961

01:00:34 - Dangers of living next to the chemical plants

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Keywords: Alarm; Chemical plants; Fire; Whistle

01:02:27 - Shopping around town

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Keywords: Big Natches; C. P. Evans; Chamber's; Nuckols; Pic & Pac; Pick & Pay; Rizos; Sixth Street; Texas Avenue; The Dike; Weiner's

01:04:54 - First experience with racism

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Subjects: African Americans--Segregation; Discrimination

01:06:37 - Mom and dad had differing parenting styles 01:07:46 - Civil rights, segregation, and the NAACP

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Keywords: Amoco; Civil rights; Community activism; Demonstrations; Johnnie Henderson; Marches; NAACP; Non-violent protests; Poll tax; Protests; Union

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights--Texas; African Americans--Segregation; Labor unions; Labor unions--Political activity; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Voting

01:12:13 - Talk about school integration 01:14:38 - Johnnie Henderson and the Weingarten Sit-In

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Keywords: Bobbie Hawkins; Counter; Ella Jean Jones; Johnnie Henderson; Protest; Sit-in; Weingarten's; Willie Ray James

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights--Texas; African Americans--Segregation; Non-Violent Protest; Race discrimination--Texas

01:19:14 - Black leaders and the church's influence on civil rights in Texas City

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Keywords: Boy Scouts; Churches; Community activism; Mr. Covenson; Mr. Fuller; Mr. Henry; NAACP

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights--Texas; Clergy

01:21:25 - The Role of women in the Civil Rights Movement 01:22:03 - Johnnie Henderson, the labor union, and employment wages

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Keywords: Charles Doyle; John Sealy Hospital; Johnnie Henderson; Mainland Hospital

Subjects: African Americans--Employment; Labor unions; Nursing

01:25:23 - Martin Luther King's death and racial tensions

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Subjects: King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968; Race relations

01:26:55 - Final thoughts 01:28:37 - Conclusion